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The perception of education is described as the social process that prepares individuals for economic deviance through the capitalisation of their intelligence. Therefore, education is a human right and plays a vital role in human development.


However, many young Africans in the Republic of The Gambia do not enjoy this privilege. According to World Bank data (2021), the Republic of The Gambia is a low-income country in extreme poverty, with a registered population of 2.343 million in 2019. Poverty has implications, as a barrier to education is one of the problems encountered. The burden of tuition fees and other educational equipments often results in either one being forced to drop-out of school without obtaining a certificate, diploma, degree, or only the male child being enrolled in school. 


The lack of education and employment opportunities puts many Gambians in an irrational position. In 2018, ActionAid reported that 12,792 irregular Gambian migrants arrived in Spain and Italy by sea. These young people embark on dangerous migration routes to Europe in search of a better life. The International Organization for Migration also released a report that between 2014 and 2017, 25,000 irregular migrants to Europe died or went missing in countries of transit or destination. Irregular migration is a global problem, with many young people heading to Europe for a better life due to lack of opportunities in their home countries, while others fall into crime or work in quantitative labour markets.

The  Educational Passport Foundation in association with Simuka Africa Youth Association and support from United Nations Online Volunteers is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in Sweden. The NGO was founded by Maimuna Michelle Nyabally to to brighten the lives of the less privileged school drop-outs in the Republic of The Gambia by being a constant support to them both socially and financially.


- We at The Educational Passport Foundation believe that education is a human right, and there is a fundamental link between education and development for economic value and a sustainable future.


- We  support the less privilege young adults who lack educational and employment opportunities. ​


- We support and encourage the youths to gain the necessary skills to enhance their careers by receiving an education and work experience.


- Our goal is to establish the link between youngsters and businesses across the country to help them take a step into the labour market.

At EPF, Your Donations Create Scholarships and Career activities for the less privileged young adults.

​​"We believe that our strengths lie not in our vision, but in the actions we advocate."

"We believe that by working together, we can overcome challenges and achieve our goals."

"We believe education is a human right and our passport for life."

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