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Migrant stories

Beautiful Landscape

Zimbabwean   21 yrs old

Tanaka, a 21 year old woman, who decided to head to South Africa from Zimbabwe to find a job. Without a passport, crossing the border illegally was her only option. Her route towards South Africa was full of hardships and challenges.

Beautiful Landscape

Prince Mbwanda 
Zimbabwean   33 yrs old

Prince Mbwanda, a 33-year-old educated teacher, who decided to leave Zimbabwe to relocate to the United Arab Emirates. Victim of his native country's misery, he desperately searches for a breach to escape. While most embarked for an irregular migration route towards Europe and dropped out of school due to lack of financial support and opportunities, Prince Mbwanda decided to continue his education.

Beautiful Landscape

Zimbabwean   30 yrs old

Rumbidzai, a 30 year old Zimbabwean woman, who migrated to South Africa looking for a job and hoping for a better life. She describes her journey.



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